Devi Charitable Dental Hospital

And Research Centre

  • Advanced Technology Dental Services and procedures
  • In-house laboratory.
  • Integrated operation theatre.
  • Inbuilt Radiographic Scanning.
  • Multi-specialty dental treatments.
  • Special Discounts to Senior Citizens.
All kind of minor and major dental procedures and surgical treatments are taken care.

Make an appoinment

We are always ready to help you.Kindly contact at +91 9818463001 for any query.

Experienced Doctors

We are having team of highly experienced and educated doctors team to help you.

Help by specialist

We have specialist to deal with any kind of dental problem.

Child Dentistry

Highly experienced and qualified team for kids problem.

General tips to take care of your teeth and gums?

There are some DO's and Dont's which you can take care to avoid maximum teeth and gums realated issues.

Dental Extractions

Painless tooth extraction.

RCT Tooth, Colored Fillings

Advance dental techniques.

Child and preventive dentistry

Special care is dedicated to our young patients.

Orthodontics and implants

Requires an interdisciplinary approach and precise planning to achieve optimal results.

Crown & Veneers

Encase or cover the front surface of the tooth which ever required.

Tooth Jwels

Twinkles are designed to bond without any damage to your tooth.